Our History

The idea to open an açai shop was inspired by a friend, considering the lack of products of this kind in the city and the local trade; with these aspects, the first store was opened in 2014 in Tatuí, countryside of São Paulo.

At the beginning, production was manual, the açai pulp was blended at the proper shop, but soon that space had become small for the great demand, and it was necessary to expand more; a year later, a second shop was opened in the city and from then on, our customers increased, as well as the passion for working with açai.

In 2017, upon the establishment of our factory, we started distributing to the domestic and the foreign market, because in addition to having other Açaí Town shops spread throughout the state of São Paulo, we also distribute and export our products to other interested establishments and countries.

Today, Açaí Town exports to more than three continents, among which, North America, Europe and Asia, everything under the lemma to serve quality always. Our raw material is original from the state of Pará, which assures that characteristics flavor of Açaí Town. This açai coming from the north of the Amazon region travels more than 3,000 km to our factory in Tatuí, and from here to the world!


The opening of our first shop in Tatuí-SP


The opening of our second shop in Tatuí-SP


The establishment of our factory Açaí Town.


Our first export among others!


The extension of our factory Açaí Townto better serve our clients and consumers.
Açaí Town - Amazônia


This fruit originally from the North of Brazil carries large marks of indigenous culture and Brazilian folklore. Dated from its principles and historical records, Açaí was largely consumed by indians and riverside people in the Amazonian forest as the main course with every meal, besides carrying legends about it.

According to the Brazilian folklore, Açaí was called like that in order to pay tribute to the tribal chief’s “Itaki” daughter. In fact, the indian who was called Iaçá (inverted name of Açaí) got her baby killed in the child sacrifice, that was a population control measure of her tribe which, for reasons of food shortage, they were sacrificing all newborn babies.

After the occurrence of this event, Iaçá had broken down, cried and besought the God Tupã (God of thunder) to show to her father another way to assist its people, without going through the child sacrifice. Then one night, Iaçá had a vision in which her little baby daughter was beside a palm tree, ran in order to hug her, however, she disappeared mysteriously, and because of much suffering, wept for her baby and ended up dying.

The day after, her corpse was found embracing the palm tree, her face was quiet peaceful and her gaze towards the top of the palm tree, which was full of small and dark fruit.

Therefore, the tribal chief had ordered to collect the fruit and to prepare a kind of broth/soup from it in order to feed all the tribe. Thereafter, the child sacrifice order was ceased, and Açaí has been carrying along with this important story of the ancestors of Brazilian people.

We, at Açaí Town, are pleased to be working with a fruit that is of a great significance and a Brazilian touch, such as Açaí, and for this reason, we share these stories under the slogan “from the Amazon to the Town” always!


It has been incorrectly said that the Amazon forest is the lung of the world; however, science has been fair to give this role to the seaweeds, extinguishing the term attributed to the forest, which is just an artistic license.

However, there is something that comes from the Amazon and cannot be compared. If you breathe Açai, Cupuaçu or any other super fruit, you can be sure that the Amazon is your lung, and not the seaweed.

The lung of Açaí Town is made of Amazon and our air is açai. Moreover, in this context to clean and recycle the atmosphere of your city, we take the best experience you may have with the Amazon forest to you.

If you feel overwhelmed with açai and other bad quality super-fruit purées, do not buy a respirator, and try our products. This is your true medicine and the cure for your açai-dependent lung!