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We manufacture sorbet/purée of açaí and other super fruits with raw materials coming from the best suppliers in Brazil, our products undergo strict quality assurance processes, in order to meet all national and international requirements and standards.


Açaí Our flagship product, this fruit is the image of Brazil; it can be served in different ways, always keeping its numberless incomparable benefits and flavor. Check out the Açai options in our portfolio. (Catalog format below)
Available Flavors
Traditional Açaí
Açaí Zero
Açaí with strawberry mixture
Açaí with a mixture of powdered milk
Açaí with a mixture of hazelnut cream
Available Sizes
Acaít Town - Tamanhos disponíveis


Originally from Brazil, this fruit, already known by the Amazon Indians, has curing properties, in addition to being tasty. These are sufficient reasons to start consuming it, our Cupuaçu Sorbet keeps the notable flavor of the fruit and its numberless benefits.
Açaít Town - Cupuaçu

Pitaya (Dragon Fruit)

This fruit, also known as dragon fruit because of its appearance, is gaining fame in Brazil and promises numberless benefits to health. In our portfolio, we present Pitaya Sorbet, a tasty and nutritive way to consume the fruit.
Acaí Town - Pitaya

Acai powder

Versatile, compacted and 100% Açaí! This powder version is ideal for the production of various foods and beverages, and can be consumed in different ways with the best preservation of the fruit's nutrients.
Acaí Town - Açaí Pó

Acai Pulp

100% Pure Frozen Pulps, ideal for fruit-based product formulations. Product only available for export and can be ordered from one container (equivalent to 10,000 pulps)
Acaí Town - Açaí Pó