Our shops

With the aim of serving açaí as well as possible to our clients by bringing the best experiences of this fruit and other options of our menu. Açaí Town has shops throughout the countryside of the State of São Paulo available to serve and help you.

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Açaí Town Tatuí - Unit I

Address: do Cruzeiro Street, 314 - Downtown, Tatuí - SP, 18270-840 Tel: (15) 3316-6664

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Açaí Town Tatuí - Unit II

Address: São Bento Street, n° 545 - Downtown, Tatuí - SP, 18270-840 Tel: (15) 3251-4209

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Açaí Town - Sorocaba Unit

Address: Dr. Artur Gomes Street, n° 64 - Downtown, Sorocaba - SP, 18035-490 Tel: (15) 3359-2120


For the convenience of our customers Açaí Town shops have a delivery option. Where our customers may order online through our “Açaí Town” app, which runs on iOS and Android devices. Download the app and order online for delivery:



Is Açaí Town available in other apps for delivery?
Yes, Even though we have our own app, we also have other apps, such as Ifood, Aiqfome and Tatui Delivery in the city of Tatuí-SP, besides Ifood, Ubereats and Rappi in the city of Sorocaba-SP
What are the shop opening and delivery hours ?

Tatuí São Bento shop: MON to SAT 02:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M. SUN and Holidays 02:00 P.M. – 09:30 P.M. (The same hours for delivery) Tatuí Cruzeiro shop: MON to SAT 10:30 A.M. – 06:30 P.M. SUN 01:00 P.M. – 07:00 P.M. Sorocaba shop: TUE to FRI 01:00 P.M. – 07:00 P.M. SAT and SUN 01:00 P.M. – 07:00 P.M. (Delivery TUE to FRI 11:00 A.M. – 07:00 P.M. SAT and SUN 12:30 P.M. – 08:30 P.M.)

Does the delivery service work in other cities besides of Tatuí and Sorocaba?
No, our shop products are only available for delivery in these cities.
Do you only sell Açaí at your shops?
No, in addition to our traditional glasses of acai berry, we have an assorted menu in our shops, besides the fruit, there other options of dessert, finger food savories and healthy sandwiches. Download our app and take a look at our complete menu.