Açaí Exports: How it all started and where we want to go

June 16, 2021

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Exportação de Açaí

If you are looking for how to buy açaí directly from the factory, a good açaí supplier or just quality açaí to resell abroad, Açaí Town is here to talk about Açaí exports, with years of experience in the field.

Our experience with handling Açaí dates back to 2016, when we opened our first store in Tatuí, a city in the interior of São Paulo. From that, our experience in working with the fruit cream only increased and with that the açaí exports opportunities also emerged.

In 2017, after the opening and installation of our factory, we started distribution to the domestic and foreign markets. Because, together with the experience in handling the product for the end customer, we also distribute and export, not only to other establishments but also to interested countries.

Currently, after 7 years, Açaí Town exports to 3 continents, with a newly expanded and modernized factory, where exports represent a lot for the company.

All this, as proof that the Acai berry has gained the whole world, thus making important means of business in different contexts and generating big profits and billings in the domestic and international market.

So, every opportunity is valid and our sales team never stops, the recent investments in exports are in countries like Qatar, Chile and Paraguay.

In this way, the success in the venture in the field and, of course, great notoriety both for the Brazilian fruit, as well as for the company, now known internationally.

Therefore, if you are interested in exporting açaí cream, consult our sales team using the form on our website: https://acaitown.com/en/contato-en/

Or watch the video where our founding partner Murilo explains more about the export process. Whereas, to make the importation of any product in a country it is necessary to know some tactics for the project to be successful.

Since, in the açaí exports and other sorbets market, there are still some details that need to be taken into consideration in planning, check out: