Smoothie de Açaí

Tip for your business: summer with Acai Smoothie

Açaí has been very successful in recent years, but how to innovate in a market so full of options? We give tips with açaí recipes It is a fact that the açaí cream has gained the public and is successful both in Brazil and abroad. However, in such a massive market, quality assurance and innovation […]

Açai Delivery

Acai Delivery: How it can boost sales in your business

Currently, the food delivery modality has grown a lot, within this environment, investing in a versatile and practical product such as Açaí can generate positive returns Açaí delivery is a type of business that matches the current situation. At present, the delivery of products and services has been growing exponentially and standing out among customers. […]

açaí, cupuaçu e pitaya

Sorbet: cupuaçu, açaí e pitaya

Considered as super fruits, pitaya, cupuaçu and açaí have been conquering the world and conquering consumers in this refreshing version in the form of a fruit cream, the so-called sorbet That water-based acai cream is popular, many already know. However, nowadays, the market brings the trend of other fruits such as pitaya and cupuaçu in […]

Exportação de açaí conquista o mundo

Acai Town conquers the world

Within the wave of popularization of Açaí cream, our brand emerged and conquered in addition to local customers, also various parts of the world through retail and export In the early 2000s, not so long ago, açaí was not half as popular as it is today. At that time, consumption was local and very restricted […]


Acai Berry: Açaí Town creaminess

Texture is an important factor to give better flavor to açaí cream, learn more about the creaminess of Açaí Town products At Açaí Town, in addition to quality certifications, purity levels of the fruit and a lot of flavor, we also have the creaminess of our açaí as a striking factor. This is all guaranteed […]


5 reasons to work with açai cream

Originating in the Amazon, açai is being increasingly consumed around the world. In this post, we will show you 5 reasons to invest and work with açai cream and how much it can bring more profitability to your business. The Açaí market has had exponential growth in recent years, a fruit that was restricted from […]

Açaí com cupuaçu

Açai cream and cupuaçu: Mesclown

These traditional Amazonian fruits are perfect together, bringing a combination of benefits and flavor, Açaí Town has a combination of açai and cupuaçu called “mesclown”. Açai and Cupuaçu are traditional Amazonian fruits. In addition, they also have other similarities, such as the fact that they both have nutrients, vitamins and bring benefits to the consumer’s […]

Açaí faz bem pra saúde? Veja os benefícios do Açaí

Acai berry benefits: is it good for your health?

Popular and versatile, if you still have doubts about consuming this fruit, find out how to consume it healthily and learn about the health benefits of açaí. Known for its high nutritional value, acai berry is rich in vitamins, lipids and fiber. Furthermore, it has antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory properties and mineral salts along with a […]

Cupuaçu cream import

Cupuaçu cream for import

Importing cupuaçu cream has become a potentiality and investing in ideas involving this fruit can be beneficial to your business. Açaí Town works with a variety of fruit creams, including cupuaçu, a potent sour and bittersweet fruit that in cream form is a refreshing option for the summer. Such as, we have a trend in […]

Exportação de açaí do brasil

How does açaí export and import work?

To import any product into a country, it is necessary to know some tactics for the project to be successful. Find out how the açaí cream export process works in Açaí Town This fruit, which was only part of a certain region of Brazil, fell in popular taste, conquered the national territory, reaching several countries. […]

Açaí tem açucar?

Does açai have sugar?

When we think about açai cream, questions associated with sugar levels in the product arise and that’s what we’re going to talk about today, does açai have sugar? First, before knowing whether açai has sugar or not, we must take into account that over time and popularization of the fruit, it started to be consumed […]

Açaí Calorias

How many calories açai berry have?

Açaí is considered an energy food precisely because of its high caloric density, do you know what this means in practice? Learn about the calories of açai “Açai Town” First of all, that acai berry has antioxidant properties, cardioprotective fats, fiber and high energy value we always see around. However, few know what the amount […]

Exportação de Açaí

Açaí Exports: How it all started and where we want to go

If you are looking for how to buy açaí directly from the factory, a good açaí supplier or just quality açaí to resell abroad, Açaí Town is here to talk about Açaí exports, with years of experience in the field. Our experience with handling Açaí dates back to 2016, when we opened our first store […]

Açaí em Pó

Acai Powder: How It Is and How to Use

This version is a versatile way to consume açaí with its benefits even more preserved. Learn more about the manufacturing process and consumption options for Açaí Powder. Açaí Town has in its catalog a full range of options ranging from Açaí in cream, Açaí with flavor blends, Açaí zero sugar and also Açaí powder. However, […]


Açaí production: how our manufacturing works

Food engineer Açaí Town clarifies the Açaí production process of the products supplied to her customers, because when buying açaí cream straight from the factory for resale, distribution or export it is important to know about the processes that it goes through before reaching the customer. Before reaching the final consumer, the Açaí cream goes […]


Açaí keeping you fit or making you fat? Clear up this doubt now!

This common question that travels the internet and leaves those who want to add açaí to the diet in doubt, has finally been clarified. Find out now if açaí cream is fattening or not and what is different about Açaí Town. Come on, before knowing if acai is fattening, it is important to know thatin […]

capa-blog-3-1024x577px (1)

The Differentials Açaí Town

Açai Town is committed to bringing quality to its customers and partners, but do you know what are the differentials that guarantee the quality of our açaí? We have been in the fruit creams business since 2014, All this, as an outcome of our commitment to excellence in the levels of purity and concentration of […]

Cupuaçu Fruit

Cupuaçu: the growing popularity of Brazilian fruit

Native to Brazil, cupuaçu has been gaining national and international popularity due to its benefits and remarkable flavor. The cupuaçuzeiro is from a very specific region of Brazil, in addition to Pará, its largest producer, is found in Amazonas, Rondônia, Acre and Maranhão. However, in recent years the cupuaçu has gone further and its consumption, […]


Frequently Asked Questions about Açaí

If you still have doubts about handling, storage and consumption of Açaí, Açaí Town now clarifies for you: What is the average monthly consumption of Açaí? If we take into account medium / high demand, our suggestion is: What size and quantity of freezers would you recommend for storage, based on your experiences? On average, […]